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Setup and Artwork


Setup Charges - There will be an initial setup charge of $60.00 (v).  Identical re-orders will be charged $40.00 (v).

Full color acrylics and lapel pin/keychains will be charged a setup of $80.00 (v).  Reorders will be charged $40 (v).

Artwork - One logo and associated text are included in our setup.  A signature is considered a logo.  Any subsequent logos or signatures will be charged at $12.00 (v) per item.  Logos captured from camera-ready art will incur an additional $20 (v) charge.

We are a PC house, but we can open most Mac files.  We prefer to work with vectored images such as .eps, but other formats such as .tif, .bmp, or .jpg are also acceptable provided they are approximately 300 dpi or better.  72 dpi files from the internet are rarely suitable.

Artwork that requires alteration will be corrected at a rate of $40.00 (v) per half hour.  We reserve the right to make alterations that require 10 minutes or less time at a rate of $20.00 (v) without notification.

Personalization - There is a $6.00 (v) per line change. (Up to 3 lines in same location.)

Art or Logo Resize - There is a charge of $10.00 (v) per item.

In order to prevent errors due to handwriting or faxes, all line changes must be furnished electronically to prevent misspellings.  Changes should be supplied in either an Excel or Word file.  If we do not have a required font, the font will have to be supplied to us as a .ttf in PC format.

Proofs - An initial proof is proved at no charge.  If subsequent proofs are required due to errors caused by Awardsmith, there will be no additional charges.  If changes are made by the client, an additional charge of $10 (v) per proof will be charged.

Overage/Underage - Though we strive for exact quantities, we reserve the right to produce +/- 5% on custom orders.



Packaging Information - All items are shipped individually poly-bagged and wrapped in recycled paper for scratch protection.  Most items are shipped bulk packed.  We have found that many customers would prefer not to have the extra packaging for disposal and environmental reasons.

PRESENTATION BOXES:  With the above being said, an individual presentation or shipping box does add elegance to the presentation of an award and many recipients must travel with their award.  With this in mind, we do offer individual boxes for the majority of our awards.

Accessories - All of our plaques are available with a plaque stand for shelf or desktop mounting.  They are just $0.50 each.  Velcro® tape is also available for hanging the plaque onto traditional cubicle walls.  Each strip is just $0.50 per plaque.

Silk Screening - $50 (v) per color.  Exact color matches are not guaranteed.  If exact PMS matching is required, please contact customer service for a quote.

Laser Engraving - Laser engraved plates may be substituted on all items with standard sublimated or full color plates.  Contact customer service for available media (Brass, Aluminum, FlexiBrass, etc.) and pricing information.



Lead Time - All lead times begin once all order information has been received and all required proofs have been approved.

Standard Items - All standard items are produced in 5 business days unless otherwise noted.  Stock items such as certificate holders usually ship within 1 day.

Custom Items - Most custom orders require 10-14 business days to ensure proper quality.  We will notify you of the exact lead time for your custom projects in our quote.

Rush Charges - Please contact your customer service representative to confirm that we can meet your expedited schedule.

Additional charges for rush shipments are applied to both product and setup charges and are based on the following schedule:  

Next Day - 100%
2 Day - 50%
3 Day - 25%
4 Day - 10%

Shipping Information

Orders - F.O.B. Factory, Virginia.  Prepaid freight, insurance and handling charges will be added to your invoice.

CARRIERS - Our default carriers are UPS for ground packages and FedEx for expedited packages.  When shipments are large enough or we deem that it will be cheaper/safer to ship your products by truck, we will select that option.  Please notify us on your purchase order if you cannot accept truck shipments or if inside delivery services will be needed.

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - Multiple drop shipments will be charged at $6.00 per location plus freight.

THIRD PARTY BILLING - Customer must supply account number, telephone number and a reference number.

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS - Require 3rd party billing to insure proper payment of freight, customs and duties.  Commercial invoices and all carrier documents must be provided.

DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT - Due to carrier rules, freight charges for some products may be significantly higher than expected due to dimensional weight rules.  These rules require that expedited freight be shipped by volume rather than by weight.

Inventory Program - Our inventory program allows for quantity pricing as well as ensuring that an award program will be available for the duration of the project.  We will inventory the pre-paid items at no charge for the first year of the program. All costs of the program excluding shipping charges will be invoiced and paid in advance.  Releases from inventory will be charged at $15.00 per release and the actual freight incurred. Any inventory that remains in stock after the first year will incur a 1% storage charge per month on the outstanding balance.

Factory Discretion - When options such as color, material or layout are available for any items that you have ordered and have not been specified on your purchase order, the factory will use its own discretion for the best design.

Trademarks and Copyrights - Awardsmith, et al, assumes the customer has permission prior to production to use all registered designs, marks, logos, graphics, and other artwork submitted for the express purpose of reproduction of same into custom medals and/or other awards.  The customer agrees to assume any and all responsibility and liability resulting from trademark, registration mark, or copyright infringement actions or demands brought against Awardsmith, et al.  Any trademarked or copyrighted material illustrated in this catalog is the property of their respective owner.


Due to current volatility in the world markets all pricing
and specifications subject to change without notice.

Please call to confirm pricing.







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